Grimsbu Turistsenter


The mountains around Grimsbu have many exciting experiences to offer. The terrain is varied from the gentls slopes and family-friendly mounitains to more wild mounitains in Rondane where a real mountain experience awaits, and with good possibilities for mountain climing on the steep mountain walls.

The wild and deserted mountains have many fishing waters which are owned by the state of Norway and are available for everybody to fish in for a small fee. The taste of fried trout from the water and direct to the fire is something you don't get at any other place than the mountains....

There are many oportunities for river canoeing both in calm and family-friendly rivers as well as in tough rivers for the person who is seeking a thrilling adventure . A trip on the river is a very nice way to travel in the wild when the massive forces of the river carry you through the landscape until you decide to stop for a break . The children will love this way of travelling.

Note that it is not easy to picture the experience through the Internet. We hope you will pay us a visit to try the mountain experience in real life.